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Find Resources for Language Learning

A guide to introduce various self-directed resources for learning English, Chinese, and other languages.


This self-paced guide is designed to empower staff and students to learn Chinese and improve their Chinese language skills through a variety of resources and methods. Explore each section to discover more!

Featured Books for Chinese learning

You can find more items about Cantonese here:
You can find more items about Putonghua here:

E-books Platforms for Chinese learning


Boundless is a digital media platform for e-books and audiobooks with free apps that let you read or listen to your favourite books on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or e-reader.

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HyRead eBook

HyRead eBook provides full-text access to a wide selection of Chinese books published in Taiwan. Users may also download the HyRead app to enjoy reading on mobile devices.


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iRead eBook 

It is an e-book platform that contains over 100 audiobooks on a variety of subjects, including Chinese learning. The content of each book can be played aloud online. 

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