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Scholarly books are written by scholars for a very narrow, but clearly defined audience: their peers. Likewise, scholarly journals disseminate original research on current developments in a specific discipline, and are read by other scholars. Most scholarly journals are peer-reviewed. Use these links to find scholarly books and journal articles at the Library.


Find books

Use OneSearch to locate books and e-books on your topic.

For a book search, I might use two keywords, e.g. "outdoor play" and "child development".

This search (outdoor play AND child development) retrieved the following e-books:


Each of the books above was written for a different audience, but all should provide references (e.g. in the bibliography) to the primary research literature found in peer-reviewed journal articles.

Find journal articles

You can start your search for journal articles in OneSearch.

For an article search, I might use three keywords, e.g. "outdoor play", "child development" and "risk OR injury".

Refine the results applying the "article" filter and "peer-reviewed journal" filter. Here are 3 journals in which relevant articles appear.




If you are not getting relevant results, you may consider searching within a smaller collection of journal articles by using a database. See below.

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