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Look for newspapers?

Make use of our newspaper and news databases to search for the news. You can also search for newspapers with keywords from OneSearch!

Newspapers & News Databases

You can find newspapers from the library homepage via the shortcut below for South China Morning Post, WiseNews, Factiva and more:

From Aug 2018 to current...

You can access SCMP ePaper from Aug 2018 via the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the link for ePaper edition.
  3. Click on SCMP ePaper Aug 2018 to latest.
  4. Click on the menu icon.
  5. Click on Archive to browse the newspapers by date.

  6. Click on the magnifier icon to search for news if necessary:

Before Aug 2018...

For News before Aug 2018, you can search with the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Online Access (on campus) link if you are using it on campus.
    Otherwise, click on the link for off campus access. You will find the email and password to sign in. You can then click on the user icon on and click on Sign in with Email to access the contents.
  3. Click on the menu icon.
  4. Click on the magnifier icon to reach the search page.

*You may also search for news in SCMP since 31 March 1984 via Factiva.

From 1903 - 2001...

Visit ProQuest Historical Newspapers: South China Morning Post and click on Online Access. Then find news with the search box in the database below:

WiseNews is a database which provides access to content from newspapers, magazines, journals and newswires published in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and some other parts of the world.

WiseNews launched its new interface in late 2020. Check out the Quick Start Guide to learn how it works. 


South China Morning Post is not available on WiseNews. To find articles from South China Morning Post, please try: FactivaSouth China Morning Post, or ProQuest Historical Newspapers: South China Morning Post.

Factiva provides worldwide full-text coverage of local and regional newspapers, trade publications, business newswires, press release wires, media transcripts, news photos, business-rich Web sites, investment analyst reports, market research reports, etc.

You can make a search in WiseNews via the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Online Access.
  3. Click on the Search tab to conduct a search. Refine your search with parameters provided if necessary.


Search Newspaper using OneSearch

You can also search for newspapers via OneSearch with the steps below:

  1. Click on Advanced Search from the library homepage.
  2. Click on the ... on the top.
  3. NEWSPAPERS on the top.
  4. Search in the search box tailor-made for newspaper searching.