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Information Literacy: An essential skill to enhance your research & assignments

Introduction to Information Literacy


Do you know what is the most critical skill to succeed university study? To conduct outstanding research? Or to pave your future career?

The key to all these is a critical ability: Information Literacy.


Information literacy is using information critically, creatively, and wisely to learn. It is not only about academic texts. Information is anything, in any format, that show the world in ways you have never imagined. Information literacy helps you focus and pick the most relevant information for learning and gives you strategic advantage to solve complex problems at university and work.

What’s more, it helps you build a creative, innovative career, and even a better world for all of us!

Click the tips below to learn more about how to enhance your research, assignments, and techniques to build your career path!

Dive Deeper


Want to know more about information literacy in specific subject domains?

Enrol in "InfoLit for U" MOOC with PolyU NetID now!

Step 1 - Go to KEEP site

Go to or scan the QR code below. ​

Click Login on top right corner.

Step 2 - Link your Account

Choose University account.

Accept the Terms and follow the rest to Link your account.


Step 3 - Enrol in InfoLit 

When you see ”You are not enrolled in any courses yet”​

Go to InfoLit for U Course Site or scan the QR code below. ​

Click Enroll Now.