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Electrical Engineering

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@ Kanopy videos

MEMS: Making Micro Machines

Everyday Engineering Series

36 videos included in the series, e.g.:

- Engineering and Technology in Your World
- Your House as an Engineered System
- Renewable Sources of Electricity
- Electrical Power Transmission: The Grid
- Electrical Power Distribution
- Simple Machines around the House
- Torque, Power, and Transmission
- User-Centered Design

@ YouTube

Transformer - How it works?

DC Motor - How it works?

MOOC Courses

 Register a free online class offered by known universities or institutions worldwide. You can study the subject at your own pace!

Computation Structures - 
Part 1: Digital Circuits | Part 2: Computer Architecture | Part 3: Computer Organization

A hands-on introduction to the design and implementation of digital systems. Learn the basics of digital circuit design in Part 1, basic principles of computer architecture in Part 2, and how to turn a processor into an entire computer system in Part 3.


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Introduction to Control System Design - A First Look

Learn the theory and practice of controller design by building and then position-stabilizing a propeller-levitated arm.


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Embedded Systems - Shape The World: Microcontroller Input/Output

Introduction to the world of embedded systems with a focus on microcontroller input/output in this hands-on, lab-based course.


Leadership for Engineers

Learn how to effectively lead in a technology-driven world, define your personal leadership journey, and make your career choices.


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Solar Energy: Integration of Photovoltaic Systems in Microgrids

Learn how to integrate a photovoltaic system into a microgrid of your design.

Starts on February 20, 2018

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