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Information Literacy: An essential skill to enhance your research & assignments

Tip 5: Stay Hungry: Join & Learn from Communities

You will graduate in few years time. What will happen to you? How could you prepare your careers as early as now?

Let's watch the video Learning Never Ends.

Upholding the motto “To Learn and to Apply, for the Benefit of Mankind”, PolyU places great importance on practical training and connecting classroom theory with workplace application. PolyU is the first tertiary institution in Hong Kong to have incorporated a mandatory Work-Integrated Education (WIE) component into the undergraduate curriculum. This pioneering initiative was introduced in 2005 to enhance the all-round development and professional competence of our students facing an ever-changing and increasingly competitive business environment.

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Want to know more about information literacy in specific subject domains?

Enrol in "InfoLit for U" MOOC with PolyU NetID now!

Step 1 - Go to KEEP site

Go to or scan the QR code below. ​

Click Login on top right corner.

Step 2 - Link your Account

Choose University account.

Accept the Terms and follow the rest to Link your account.


Step 3 - Enrol in InfoLit 

When you see ”You are not enrolled in any courses yet”​

Go to InfoLit for U Course Site or scan the QR code below. ​

Click Enroll Now.