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Information Literacy: An essential skill to enhance your research & assignments

Tip 4: Never List Them: Connect Ideas to Create Your Own Idea

Ask yourself:

  • Does innovation = repeating stuff unknown to your audience?
  • What does it take to construct out-of-the-crowd insights with ingredients accessible to all students?
  • What would your professor think as he endures a countless number of un-inspiring reports/presentations? 
  • Do you want to create innovative insights or break-through in your field of study but don't know how?

Let's watch the video The (High-Quality) Ideas Constructors, see whether you can find the answer of the questions listed above.

On the other hand, the way you put ideas together in words reflect your level of understanding about the issue you have inquired in your research, which is also what your professor looks for when she/he assesses your work. In the following, you will see sentences talking about the same issue. Note the differences between these sentences, and the depth of idea within.

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Want to know more about information literacy in specific subject domains?

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