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Information Literacy: An essential skill to enhance your research & assignments

Tip 1: At University, "Learning" has a lot of Meanings

At university, learning has a lot of meanings:

  • Pinpoint core issues and questions for further inquiry,
  • Explore and justify innovative solutions,
  • Analyse and draw connections between ideas and observations,
  • Support your view, decisions, or conclusions with reasons, and
  • Create innovative views to old problems and challenges.


This video will give you a brief idea on what university learning is about, as well as what difficulties and challenges are waiting for you. 

In summary, to tackle any challenges at the university, the first step is to identify the information you need.

Then, do you know what is information needs of a research?

Why outlining the information needs of my research is important?


Dive Deeper


Want to know more about information literacy in specific subject domains?

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