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Using Bloomberg

A quick guide to help you get started with Bloomberg Terminal

What's in the Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Professional Service is a key financial source for current and historical information on equities, fixed income securities, foreign exchange, derivatives and commodities. Also included are company profiles and financial statements, analysts' forecasts, market news and global economic data.

Location of Terminals in the Library:

You can get access to 4 Bloomberg terminals at 4/F i-Space. Make a reservation through iBooking system before use.

Data Download Limit through Bloomberg Excel Add-in

Excel Add-in is available for data extraction. However, the data extracted through Excel API is bound to daily and monthly download limits. Please be considerate of other users by avoiding excessive download.

If you observe "N/A Review", it may mean the monthly limit for the terminal is reached, the download will not be reinstated until the beginning of next month. You may try another terminal that has not hit the monthly limit.

Notice even when Excel data limit is reached, all other functions in the Bloomberg terminals continue to work. You may use alternative ways such as drag-and-drop features or printing screenshot options (if available) to get data out of Bloomberg.

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