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Public Health: Useful Information & Resources on COVID-19

A compilation of Open Access information for the general public interest and for academic research communities in PolyU.

Open Access Research Resources

Open Access or free academic resources shared by publishers:

Resources in Chinese - shared by publishers

  • 科睿唯安 (Clarivate Analytics) [科睿唯安免費開放冠狀病毒科學研究、藥物開發、法規政策報告、專利資訊]
  • Elsevier - 中文資源 [新型冠状病毒研究]
  • NEJM Group: NEJM 医学前沿 (professionally translated articles selected from NEJM - The New England Journal of Medicine)

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  Search by All-fields contains (COVID-19 OR 2019-nCoV OR "Novel Coronavirus 2019" OR SARS-COV-2)



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Note: There are 2 paths to get to the Newspapers in OneSearch:

1- Make a basic search (for any field contains (COVID-19 OR 2019-nCoV OR "Novel Coronavirus 2019" OR SARS-COV-2), and select 'Newspapers Search' on the right-side panel "Refine my results"  under the "Resource Type" section

2- On OneSearch entry page, click "Advanced Search", on the symbol "..." on the top menu bar, select 'NEWSPAPERS" and input the search strategy (COVID-19 OR 2019-nCoV OR "Novel Coronavirus 2019" OR SARS-COV-2) 

 See Chinese news findings in WisersOne

Findings retrieved from PubMed on COVID-19 

The Conversation on COVID from Credo 

Analysts and the analytics teams in Passport continuously analyse the short and long term effects and forecast the impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on industries, economies, and consumers. Get the updates on the analysis, trends and implications for the global economy.

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