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Find Resources for Self-Directed English Language Learning

A guide to introduce various useful resources for self-directed English language learning

English Proficiency Test

Prepare for your English Proficiency Tests (e.g. IELTS and TOEFL) using the selected e-books, practice tests and online resources.

Online Resources

Library Databases

  • NetLanguages: IELTS Preparation 
    NetLanguages IELTS Preparation series offers online courses with interactive study materials to help IELTS candidates prepare for IELTS tests.
  • Road to IELTS
    Prepared by the British Council and Clarity English, this online preparation course includes 120 hours of study materials, including sample videos, practice zones, teacher tutorials, timed practice tests and more. Road to IELTS will help you achieve a better performance in the IELTS exam!


Other Online Resources

  • IELTS Online Practice Materials
    The website is prepared by English Learning Centre (ELC) of PolyU. You can gain detailed overview of each papers, as well as studying exercises and tips before your test.
  • Learning English (British Council)
    It is a British Council website, which aims at delivering online reference sources about IELTS. Visit and check for the latest materials.

Featured E-books (Chinese)