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Electronic & Information Engineering

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@ Kanopy videos

MEMS: Making Micro Machines

Electronics - Science of Circuit Boards

The Science of Information: From Language to Black Holes

kanopy video science of information

24 videos in this series e.g.:

- The Transformability of Information
- Computation and Logic Gates
- Signals and Bandwidth
- It from Bit: Physics from Information

@ YouTube

Transistor - How it works?

Inductor - What is an inductor?

MOOC Courses

 Register a free online class offered by known universities or institutions worldwide. You can study the subject at your own pace!

Circuits and Electronics - 
Part 1: Basic Circuit Analysis | Part 2: Amplification, Speed, and Delay | Part 3: Applications

Learn (1) foundational techniques, (2) how to speed up digital circuits and build amplifiers, and (3) cool applications, op-amps and filters in the design of microchips used in smartphones, computers, and the internet.


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Computation Structures - 
Part 1: Digital Circuits | Part 2: Computer Architecture | Part 3: Computer Organization

A hands-on introduction to the design and implementation of digital systems. Learn the basics of digital circuit design in Part 1, basic principles of computer architecture in Part 2, and how to turn a processor into an entire computer system in Part 3.


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Embedded Systems - Shape The World: Microcontroller Input/Output

Build real-world embedded solutions using a bottom-up approach from simple to complex in this hands-on, lab-based course.


Leadership for Engineers

Learn how to effectively lead in a technology-driven world, define your personal leadership journey, and make your career choices.


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