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Library Online Tutorial for SEHS3279

About the Tutorial


This Online Tutorial is designed for SEHS3279 students who are not able to attend library workshop at PolyU Library. In general, the Library components of SEHS3279 contain 2 parts:

  1. Online Tutorial + Quiz
  2. Final Quiz

1. About Online Tutorial + Quiz: 

The online tutorial consists of 5 modules, each takes about 20 mins to complete. At the end of the tutorial, complete a quiz which consists of 10 questions to check your understanding on the concepts mentioned in the tutorial. You may also take a look at the quiz questions before you start the tutorial. 

Go to Quiz

(Please click "CPCE Students & CPCE Visitors" to login.)

2. About Final Quiz: 

After completing the tutorial and its quiz, please also complete a Final Quiz. In this Final Quiz you would need to do some searching and answer 10 questions.

Go to Final Quiz

(Please click "CPCE Students & CPCE Visitors" to login.)

Both quizzes can be viewed many times but can only be submitted ONCE.

Important Note: In the Final Quiz, some questions require you to access some electronic resources of PolyU Library. As you don’t have PolyU’s NetID and NetPassword, you are NOT able to access them from off campus. But if you come to the Library or use the campus network, you should be able to access them.

About Grading:

Library components account for 20% of the total grade of this course. This includes two parts: 

  Grading Due Date Remark
1.  Online Tutorial + Quiz 10% of the final grade

30 Nov 2019 (Sat)
23:59 HKT

10 questions in total. 
Correctly answer 7 or above questions will be considered a Pass and gain you 10%. (i.e. correctly answer 6 or less questions = 0%)

2.  Final Quiz 10% of the final grade

30 Nov 2019 (Sat)
23:59 HKT

10 questions in total. 
1 question 1 mark. (i.e. correctly answer 6 questions = 6%; correctly answer 7 questions = 7%) 

Learning Outcomes

In this tutorial, you will learn to:

  • Develop an open-ended research question for the research project
  • Identify and differentiate scholarly journals, trade publications and popular magazines
  • Select appropriate sources to locate books, journal articles, newspapers, and statistics in the discipline
  • Identify keywords from research question and search in relevant sources
  • Access full text of resources from PolyU Library
  • Describe the meaning of plagiarism and properly cite information sources