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The PolyU Institutional Research Archive (PIRA): FAQ

This guide introduces key features of the PolyU Institutional Research Archive.

Deposit your work in PIRA

Do I have to check the copyright before depositing full text works in PIRA?

Library provides help in checking the copyright of each submitted full-text publication before making it available in PIRA for open access. Many publishers allow authors to archive the "accepted manuscript" version of their articles in an institutional repository. If relevant permissions cannot be obtained, only the description of the item will be posted.

Will depositing in PIRA prevent journals from accepting and publishing my research?

Appropriate version of your research manuscript will only be made available in the PIRA after the journals have accepted and will publish your research work.

Can I deposit works produced with co-author(s) from multiple institutions?

Sure. As long as you are one of the co-authors, and the work is produced when you are working in PolyU.

How do I deposit non-traditional research outputs (eg. Design Research Portfolio) in PIRA?

PIRA welcomes requests to add non-traditional research output to showcase your research.
Here are the steps for your submission:

  1. Complete the Deposit Agreement Form.
  2. Save the Deposit Agreement Form together with the files to be uploaded to PIRA.
  3. Email all the files to PIRA staff or Upload to OneDrive and share with

This Guideline provides more details about submitting non-traditional research outputs to PIRA. For further enquiries, please contact us at

Researcher Profile

What is "Author Identifier" in my profile?

A unique author identifier is a tool that attempts to establish unique identity for individual researchers and helps to track their associated publications. Using an author identifier enables you to control your profile and overcomes issues associated with variations of name spellings or institutions. Refer to Researcher Profile guide to learn more.

Information about me in PIRA is incorrect. What can I do about it?

If you see anything in your profile that needs to be updated, please click “Update your profile” and provide us with your up-to-date information. A significant amount of the research output data in PIRA is automatically imported from ROS, so any inaccuracies in data should be corrected at the raw source data. If you have any questions about profiles or experience any problems, please contact us at

Other FAQs